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Body soap for exfoliation and deep hydration THERMAE 125 gr

Liquid facial soap with cotton extract, collagen & hyaluronic HYALOS 200mL

Daphne face & body cleansing soap for balanced oiliness 125 g

Koukoutsi vegetable scrub soap with olive for exfoliation & detoxification 125 g

Liquid Face Soap with Volcanic Lava extract, coconut, olive oil & Activated Carbon Lava Detox 250mL

Soap with donkey milk & red clay to treat skin infections, eczema, psoriasis Samari 125 g

Soap with camel milk, activated carbon & red clay for skin toning & firming Anatoli 125 g

Facial soap with hyaluronic acid with anti-aging & anti-wrinkle action Hyalos 125 g